Highlights of HUB Capital Inc.
Why join HUB Capital? Six simple reasons…

1. Protecting Your Independence

HUB Capital is a mutual fund dealership that embraces the representative’s independence and recognizes the unique characteristics that constitute each of their business criteria. While operating within the compliance and procedural guidelines set by the regulators, HUB Capital allows the mutual fund representative to maintain his/her own branding, independence, and complete ownership of his/her own practice. Our goal is to help you grow your business and strengthen your practice in the financial services industry.

2. Product Objectivity

HUB Capital is purely in the distribution business, and does NOT manufacture, wrap or brand proprietary products of any sort. As a result, we provide objective product intelligence and product neutral guidance for you in working with your client. This allows you, the opportunity of assessing the needs of your clients and selecting the product which best suits their particular circumstances without compromise or bias.

3. Compliance

HUB Capital maintains a sound compliance environment with an infrastructure designed specifically so as to partner with our representatives’ risk management. HUB Capital works strictly within the rules and guidelines of the regulators, and ensures all trading activity, KYC requirements, record keeping, and policies and procedures are conducted according to industry standards and regulations.

Risk management is a priority of HUB Financial and HUB Capital, and all parties involved, including the client, the representative, and the dealership are augmented by HUBs’ experienced team of compliance professionals who understand the importance of a sales culture within a fully compliant environment.

4. Practice Management

To grow your business, you need the assistance of an organization that is prepared to help you in the areas of technology, compliance, training, technical expertise and creative marketing support. That company is HUB Capital. We bring a personal touch, by first understanding your goals, then making them our goals as we work together. We offer training and support in many areas and many forms and are always available to assist you.

5. National Scope and Size

As a national organization, the Wealth Management team works for you together across the country. Teamwork is what we are all about and our teamwork allows us to share ideas, sales techniques and product expertise that broadens and deepens the knowledge base that each of our sales representatives brings to you.

6. HUB Financial Inc.

Our sister company, HUB Financial Inc., is the largest Managing General Agent in Canada and represents virtually all insurance companies in the brokerage arena. This allows us to offer you products and expertise in an all-encompassing product line ranging from life insurance, living benefits, segregated funds, annuities, GIC’s and mutual funds. HUB Capital Inc. is the Canadian leader in providing you with complete product knowledge and expertise in the complimentary product lines of both mutual funds and segregated funds. HUB’s depth in resource and expertise in all lines of financial-services positions the company to enhance your practice by maximizing all aspects of financial planning for your clients. HUB helps you “build a bridge” within your practice, and links opportunities between life and living benefits requirements, and wealth management considerations.

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