Using guidelines outlined by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), FlexSave™ is a plan that facilitates incorporated businesses and unincorporated businesses with arms length employees in paying their health and dental expenses in a tax-effective and cost-efficient manner.1


IT Bulletin 529

IT Bulletin 85R2

IT Folio: S1-F1-C1



FlexSave™ works very differently than traditional group or individual health and dental insurance programs in that there are no ongoing premium payments required.  


An employer enters into a contract with HUB Financial Inc. to provide for the reimbursement of an employee’s health and dental benefits.  The employer agrees to provide funding for these expense amounts and the applicable fees and taxes up to a limit the company sets in advance. The total amount paid by the employer may be 100% tax-deductible to the business and the employees may receive a tax free benefit.1





1Every tax situation is unique and can be quite complex. Clients should always seek independent tax advice before putting a FlexSave™ plan in place or deducting expenses related to FlexSave™.