Ultimate Lead Program by Insurance Supermarket Inc. (ISI) Minimize

Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate Lead Program by Insurance Supermarket Inc. (ISI) through HUB Financial.


This program was developed by ISI in partnership with ivari to connect Canadians seeking insurance with professionals that can help them put the coverage that they need in place. This unique lead generation program has a proven track record at opening doors for advisors to new clients, increased revenue and more sales. 
Here’s how it works:
ISI maintains several websites that offer opportunities to obtain insurance to anyone seeking coverage. On each of their sites, the potential client completes an online questionnaire which includes their basic information, ie: name, phone number, age, location, insurance needs, etc. which is then fed into the ISI database.
Within 60 seconds of submitting that online questionnaire, the client is contacted by a representative of ISI’s call center who verifies the information provided and schedules an appointment for a licensed advisor to meet with them to discuss their insurance needs. Based on their location and preferences, the lead is then presented to an advisor who is enrolled in this program.
The ISI approach to selling insurance is effective and unique in that it pre-qualifies prospects and provides an opportunity to create an immediate client, based on their interest in meeting with an advisor.
This is a program that will not only elevate your practice, but revolutionize the way you conduct your business.
To learn more, please contact inquiry@hubfinancial.com.