You may choose one of the following structures at setup of a new FlexSave™ Account and may change it at any time. We recommend pre-funding your account as that will ensure that claims are reimbursed in a timely fashion to your employees.

Pre-funded Account
An employer may choose to deposit a lump sum amount into their HUB FlexSave™ account at the beginning of each year or set up a pre-authorized monthly withdrawal/deposit into the account. Amounts for pre-funding should be based on the predetermined maximum being provided to employees. Pre-funding the FlexSave™ account allows HUB to withdraw funds for each claim submitted plus the 10% administration cost and any applicable taxes.

To establish a pre-authorized deposit for payment of claims, the Monthly Trust Deposit Form must be completed. Lump sums may be also deposited by internet banking or cheque.

Pay As You Go
With each claim submitted by an employee, HUB will invoice the employer for adequate funds to reimburse the employee and cover our administration fee (10%) plus applicable taxes. Once payment is received from the employer, HUB will reimburse the employee claimed medical expense. You may pay HUB Financial by cheque or internet banking for this option.
When Your Account Needs Funding

HUB Financial will inform you when funds are needed to pay a pending claim. You may pay any outstanding claim amount by cheque or internet banking.

How to Deposit Funds into a FlexSave™ Account
There are several methods of depositing funds in to the FlexSave™ Account for payment of current or future claims. Claims can be funded by:
  1. Regularly scheduled monthly contribution – pre-authorized deposits may be established using the Monthly Trust Deposit Form to automatically deposit funds into the account.
  2. Periodic deposit through internet banking – employers have the ability to transfer funds into their FlexSave™ plan when banking online through their financial institution. We are set up with all major Canadian banks and most credit unions. Simply add HUB FINANCIAL Inc. as a payee on your account and deposit directly into your plan when funds are needed.
  3. Mail a cheque to HUB Financial.


Funding Options Regular Monthly Internet Banking Cheque
Pre-funded Account X X X
Pay As You Go   X X
Funds Required for Claim   X X