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The MPAT Method A tactical advantage for ambitious advisors looking for a competitive edge.

MPAT: Business Complete

This program is an introduction to the business insurance market and is designed for planners who want specific workable, business marketing techniques. A blend of technical and practical instruction on prospecting and marketing skills, this course is proven in assisting planners to ask key questions of business owners in order to open up new opportunities.

MPAT: Critical Illness

Gain insight and strategies to compliment your current Cl presentation. Learn how to pre-position underwriting, ratings and exclusions, product design choices, and much more. Includes videos, presentations, written material, and scripting to help overcome common Cl objections, and help you increase your CI sales.

MPAT: Disability

Get everything you need to add or increase your Disability Insurance sales. MPAT: Disability will help you overcome financial objections, position underwriting, and provide guidance on transitioning your conversations to include Disability Insurance. Training videos, scripting and manuals are provided.

MPAT: Growth

This program is designed for experienced advisors wanting to take the next step in developing key relationships, growing their client base and building an effective business plan. It takes you from working in your business to working on your business.

MPAT: Long Term Care

This LTC sales training program helps you open conversations and close sales. Learn the fundamentals of Long Term Care insurance, how to position the option to a potential client and most importantly, offer protection from the serious financial consequences and emotional impact of a long term care home or facility costs.

MPAT: Methods

Maximize your results by attracting prospects who meet your ideal client profile. This proven sales process draws out your prospect's concerns, opinions and goals, sets a comfortable budget, and allocates expenditures in order to eliminate risks and build wealth.

MPAT: Personal Complete

Designed to help new candidates to the insurance industry reach their highest potential and build a professional practice with best practices in compliance. Learn how to drive 100 new introductions in one year. MPAT: Personal Complete consists of two components: Group Instruction Sessions - Client Builder Process, and One-on-One Mentorship.

MPAT: Segregated Funds

Geared towards insurance focused advisors, MPAT: Segregated Funds helps you compete and advance your career within the wealth management industry. Equip yourself with knowledge that will allow you to discuss pressing matters with clients and prospects on issues related to retirement planning, estate planning strategies, income planning and much more. This is your stepping stone into a trillion dollar industry.

MPAT: Stages

This succession program helps you transition your practice once the time comes. Take an in-depth look at your business to determine your ultimate succession goals and build a plan that fits your life and values while meeting the needs of potential buyers. Equip yourself with a plan based on proper process, timing of stages, and the required resources.